Campaign Partners | Faq
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What am I providing RAMP when I authorize my social networks?

RAMP is only collecting profile data and friends (network) data when you authorize RAMP. RAMP will never access your account or post to your social feeds without your permission. RAMP is collecting this data for the sole purpose to inform the recommendations algorithms. Campaign Partners does not share, sell, or disclose your personal data with anyone.

What happens to my data when I close my RAMP account?

Your data belongs to you. Any data you provide RAMP via your social authentications or via the user interface belongs to you and will be deleted should you choose to close your RAMP account.

What kind of organizations can use RAMP to fundraise?

Any organization with a 501(c)3 tax exempt letter from the IRS is eligible to sign up to use RAMP.

Does using RAMP cost anything?

RAMP is free to use for fundraisers. Campaign Partners deducts a small platform fee and credit card transaction fee from every donation made via our platform. We provide automatic discounts for large donations.