Campaign Partners | RAMP for Charity
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RAMP for Charity

When we started our journey to build a better fundraising tool, we routinely heard the same thing – “there are no good Do–it–Yourself(DIY) tools in the peer–to–peer fundraising space”. Yes, there are plenty of tools that provide web hosting for peer–to–peer fundraisers. Likewise, there are expensive prospecting databases available to development officers. Unfortunately, there are no tools that provide the power of expensive prospecting databases in an automated tool for peer–to–peer fundraisers. As a result, development officers spend far too much time prospecting for their board members and supporters and crafting emails – time and energy that no doubt could be better spent executing the charity mission.


Our platform empowers your donors so that they can become effective fundraisers on their own. It is simple, easy to use, and designed for the casual fundraiser who does not fundraise for a living and could use the assistance and recommendations for engaging, communicating, and asking. Our platform is private and secure. We will not share your fundraisers data with you or anyone else and we take great pains to ensure our cyber security and data protections policies are in accordance with the highest international standards.


How much does it cost? True to our name, we are your “Campaign Partners”. You do not pay us anything until we have raised you money. Our prices are a fraction of the industry average for new donor acquisition costs with no upfront costs and no monthly licensing fees. Please contact us for further details.