Campaign Partners | RAMP for Fundraisers
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RAMP for Fundraisers

Charities are increasingly recognizing the importance of you, the peer–to–peer fundraiser. When you get ten of your friends to donate $50 each, your impact is more valuable than the one donor who donates $500. In addition to the funds that you helped raise, you are making community connections that will last well beyond the initial donations.


Fundraising is difficult  – We know, we have been there. Figuring out who to ask, how to ask, and what to ask for is challenging and time–consuming. Our platform automates the research, prospecting, and asking process to a simple step–by–step approach that makes fundraising simple, painless, and most importantly – fast. There is no need for mass emails to recipients who may respond but only out of a sense of obligation. Rather, we are helping you find those contacts, friends, and family who share your passion for your cause. We then help you craft personalized messages that will grab the attention of the recipients and elicit a higher response rate. Lastly, we help you stay on top of your campaign fundraising efforts by showing you the status and results of your hard work.


Our Privacy Guarantee – Your data is your data. We will not sell your data, post to your social media feeds, nor share your network data with any charity. When you delete your account, all of the data that you have shared with us is destroyed.